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Sir James Dyson British inventor and industrial designer

'I made 5,127 prototypes of my vaccum before I got it right.  There were 5,126 failures. But I learned from each one. That is how I came up with a solution.  So I don't mind failure.'

What makes a good designer, technician and engineer? - Our Intent

At Appleton Thorn we believe the following are essential abilities to equip our children with in readyness for high school. 

• Significant levels of originality and the willingness to take creative risks to produce innovative ideas and prototypes. 

• An excellent attitude to learning and independent working.

• The ability to use time efficiently and work constructively and productively with others.

• The ability to carry out thorough research, show initiative and ask questions to develop an exceptionally detailed knowledge of users’ needs.

• The ability to act as responsible designers and makers, working ethically and sustainably, using finite materials carefully and working safely.

• A thorough knowledge of which tools, equipment and materials to use to make their products.

• The ability to apply mathematical knowledge.

• The ability to manage risks exceptionally well to manufacture products safely and hygienically.

• A passion for the subject and knowledge of up-to-date technological innovations in materials, products and systems.        

Curriculum - Implementation

Design and Technology Curriculum Progression

Long Term Plan Overview

Our teachers deliver the Design and Technology curriculum supported by the 'Projects on a Page' Scheme of work, written by the Design and Technology Association 

Example of a 'Projects on a Page' project - Wheels and axles 

How we teach Design and Technology

Our Bespoke Curriculum 

If you require any further information or paper copies, please contact Miss Bouch our D&T Lead via the school office on 01925 266764 or email office@appletonthorn.tcat.uk.com

Learn more about how we teach design and technology here:

DT Projects in a pack

We believe that inspirational figures help children to realise the impact and importance of Design and Technology.  They make links between inventions and how these have helped modern life. 

Inspirational Figure: Leonardo Da Vinci

Notable inventions by Leonardo Da Vinci

In 1485, Da Vinci plans for an armored car!

He invented a hydraulic pump and also built a movable bridge for the Duke of Milan.

Leonardo was the first person to study the flight of birds scientifically.

He invented an inflatable tube for use in water and also designed the first bicycle ever, almost 300 years before it appeared on the road.

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